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Caretaker & Man-Friday Services in the Deal, Dover and Sandwich Area
Home - In a Nutshell

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Enjoy your stay.  Relax when away.

Who_Are_We_and_What_Are_We ?

Why Use 2nd HOME Helpers ?

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Why Trust Us ?

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Who Are We and What Are We ?

After 25 years of family experience of managing our own second homes, plus those of friends, then friends of friends, a lifestyle choice has grown to become a business called 2nd HOME Helpers Founded by proprietor Clive Mason, 2nd HOME
Helpers offers Caretaker and Man-Friday services to promote our clients’ enjoyment of 2nd home-ownership, not just looking after the bricks and mortar.  Clive is supported by his trusted team of part-time staff.

Why Use 2nd HOME Helpers ? What is important to YOU ?

Save Hassle.
 Make life just a bit nicer.  You bought the place to enjoy being there, so why do all of the practical tasks to keep it going whilst there?  We can touch-up that paintwork.  When did you last launder the duvets?  Wouldn’t it be nice to arrive with the place warmed for you, and with bread and milk in the fridge?  Have you forgotten the keys yet?
Save Worry. Did you leave the bathroom window open when you left?  Did that storm damage the roof or make the boiler go out?  Does the gardener really come every week?  Does the empty look of the place encourage intruders?
Save Time. Sometimes your choice is between what really needs to be done and what doesn’t, but sometimes it all needs to happen.  Sometimes there just isn’t enough time.  Why not delegate?  Save travelling time if nothing else.
Save Money. Never mind your petrol costs per trip, “time is money” if you are working.  How much would you earn in one day if you didn’t have to be here to let the plumber in next Tuesday morning?  For many of our client’s it’s about the same as our annual fees.  Our hourly rate is much less than tradesmen.  Save on insurance premiums, knowing you have evidence that your property is regularly checked as stipulated.
Save the Planet. OK, so you decided to come, have a great time!  But a typical car emits 50kg carbon dioxide during a round trip from London to Deal.  Why not have your groceries bought locally (or on-line) and delivered before you arrive, then you could come on the train at only 14kg carbon dioxide per person.  Let us help you use the Council’s recycling and waste collection services.  Minimize the operation of lighting, heating and appliances when you are absent.

Enjoy your stay.  Relax when away.

Who Do We Serve ?

Most of our clients own a 2nd home in the Deal, Dover and Sandwich area, but our services are also used by householders who are away holidaying / visiting / working, by owners of holiday lets, and by busy London commuters.  In principle, we can serve anyone who is responsible for a local property at which they only spend limited time, for example executors or holders of Power of Attorney.
Please note that we do not provide care services to vulnerable people.

Why Trust Us ?
Experience (see Who_Are_We_and_What_Are_We ?).  We hold a Keyholder Licence from the Security Industry Authority (SIA), and our operatives are CRB checked.  Keys are stored securely.  We do not release keys or appropriate information without confirming the identity and entitlement of the recipient.  We are registered with Kent KeyLink and are fully insured.  We are compliant with the Data Protection Act 1998, and additionally we have a Confidentiality Policy.  We are discrete, we don’t turn up in uniform or in a vehicle covered in our logo, but we always carry ID.  Our contracts allow you a Cool-Off Period

How It Works

You choose what we do for you.  You can choose a premium package to get faster & higher priority service.  It’s similar in cost and structure to mobile phone deals, in that you can choose a rolling contract or a pay-as-you-go package, or both.  So you can pay a monthly fee for your selected amount of regular service, but as an alternative or as an add-on, you can buy blocks of “service time” in advance, and use us more flexibly.  A range of payment options are available, for example "Pingit".
Contact Us

To discuss how a local professional Keyholder service can help you, contact 2nd HOME Helpers :

Tel :     0775 2172512
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Home - In a Nutshell